PHP: Web Framework Of The Future
powered by trealla prolog

"php: a fractal of good design"

PHP stands for Prolog Home Page.
PHP is Prolog implemented in C, compiled to Wasm, speaking CGI Wasm components, executed by a Rust runtime, interpreting PHP-style templates

open source:


Trealla Prolog playground

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Source Code

		<title>PHP: Prolog Home Page</title>
		a, a:visited {
			color: navy;
	<marquee style='font-size: 10vh;' scrollamount=10>
		<i>PHP: Web Framework Of The Future</i>
		powered by
		<!-- wow!! -->
		<?php current_prolog_flag(dialect, Dialect), write(Dialect). ?> prolog

		"php: a fractal of good design"

	<p id="intro">
		PHP stands for Prolog Home Page.<br>
		PHP is <a href="">Prolog implemented in C</a>,
		<a href="">compiled to Wasm</a>,
		speaking <s>CGI</s> <a href="">Wasm components</a>,
		executed by a <a href="">Rust runtime</a>,
		interpreting PHP-style templates

		open source: <a href=""></a>

			<li>💻 <a href="/test.html">phpinfo/0</a></li>
			<li>🔮 <a href="/oracle.html">ask the oracle</a></li>
			<li>🌝 <a href="/moon.html">moon phases</a></li>
			<li>🌮 <a href="/tacos.html">taco solver</a></li>
			<li>✍️ <a href="/guestbook.html">guestbook (via postgres)</a></li>

		<h3>Trealla Prolog playground</h3>
		<p>✨ Run <a href="trealla.html">Trealla straight from your browser</a>!</p>

		<li>"Dear god", "I'm so happy they left my beloved Python undefiled" — <a href="">hacker news</a></li>


	<!-- is this a quine? -->
		<h2>Source Code</h2>
		<pre><?=Source current_file(File), read_file_to_string(File, Source, []) ?></pre>

		powered by <a href="">php</a>